This league is a fun league for 2-6 year olds. It runs 1 day a week, Thursday mornings doors open @ 10am. Announcements and bowling begin at 10:15. Start date is set for September 14th and will run 12 weeks. End date December 7th.

We will make teams of 3 based on age, Each team will pick a team name, and learn to take turns while bowling one game with ramp and bumper assists.

We will have a few theme days and coloring pages thrown in to spice things up and help keep the littles busy between turns. When kids get strikes, spares or clean ups they get to come to the till to enter their names in the draw box which will be drawn at the wind up party for a special gift.

On our last day we will have a Glow Bowl wind up party with prizes and medals.

(Break down of cost: $10 registration fee to help pay for the end of league medals & lineage for the 12 week league, $7.00+ gst per week) Total for the 12 week league is $98.20 to be paid on the first day.

(only enough spots to accommodate 18 children)