2018-2019 league year: Sign up will be Wed August 22nd noon- 10pm ($25.00 registration fee)(will run 30 weeks/$15.00 per week)

Adult mixed league nights:

MONDAYS– 8pm bowl start time (5 person teams) start date Sept 10th/2018) (practice begins at 7:45pm – announcments 7:55pm )

TUESDAYS: (reserved for 8 week Fun Adult beer leagues)

WEDNESDAY-6:30pm bowl start time ( 4 person teams) & 9:15pm start time (4 person teams)(practice begins 6:15, announce 6:25)

THURSDAY– 7:00pm start time ( 5 person teams) (practice 6:45pm, announcements 6:55pm)

  • We do guaranteed lineage which means you need to pay for your spot (or your sub needs to pay) every single night, so if you miss a week and are paying weekly you will be charged 2 nights the week you return unless you have appointed a substitute player who will pay for that night of bowling.


  • First night of League play there will be a league president and treasurer appointed.


  • The League will decide on prize money that will be paid to the treasurer for end of year prizes at the windup.


  • The league will run for 30 weeks in quarters and will consist of 3 games a night. Playoffs will run after quarters are complete. First 2 weeks are for establishing your average.